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Introducing the first version of


By Bernard Hickey is a not-for-profit trust dedicated to supporting and building public interest news, analysis, comment and debate.

We aim to gather a group of supporters able to fund, build and flesh out a community of journalists and the platform they need to report, analyse and publish the news that matters. That means investigative, probing, enterprising and explanatory journalism, rather than celebrity-driven churnalism and PR.

New Zealand needs a strong and vibrant fourth estate that challenges, probes, questions and holds to account those people, institutions and forces that affect the lives of all New Zealanders.

A new and in many ways exciting era for the fourth estate has just begun. Join us.

The traditional venues and business models underpinning journalism are being dismantled and recreated. The ‘rivers of gold’ of display and classified advertising that once subsidised the reporting of news in newspapers and magazines and on radio and television are being sucked out and squirted into the coffers of Internet companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo and TradeMe. None of these companies need to build news organisations to capture those advertising revenues.

As these advertising revenues leach away in tandem with readers and viewers, the news gathering resources deployed by these traditional outlets are being gutted and restructured to focus on high sugar/low protein news. That means more entertainment, crime, sport and human interest news, and less news about government, education, health, the economy, business, the environment and social welfare.

Strong news organisations become weak and vulnerable to being taken over by special interests or simply limit their coverage to the high sugar/low protein news that sells and rates, but never truly satisfies.

The ultimate result is a hollowed out fourth estate with little investigative, accountability and enterprise journalism. It becomes a vehicle for churnalism, celebrity journalism and the views of special interests.

This doesn’t sound exciting or appetising and it’s not.

But at the same time a new wave of journalism and debate is bubbling up from the grass roots, thanks to the now very low barriers to publish. The advent of blogging software, Facebook, Twitter, smartphones and iPads has put the power to publish in the hands of almost all citizens in New Zealand.

The opportunities for crowdsourcing of news, data, comment and analysis are enormous. The costs of launching a website and publicising it are the lowest in history.

That’s where a not-for-profit journalism site such as comes in. A model is emerging in the United States, Europe and Australia where philanthropists seed the creation of such sites, which are then supported by memberships and donations.

Watch this space. We’ve only just begun. aims to launch at the end of 2012.

We’ll be raising funds, building a publishing platform and creating the right structure to sustainably create a platform for public interest journalism.

We’ll be looking for Editorial board members and setting our editorial policies.

We welcome your contributions, ideas and enthusiasm. Tweet me @bernardchickey or email or register for our email updates with the link at the top right of this site.

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Author: Bernard Hickey

I'm Bernard Hickey. I'm a financial journalist who has worked for wire services, for newspapers and for online publishers. Until January 2008 I was the Head of Digital at Fairfax Media in New Zealand. I have previously been the Managing Editor of the Independent Financial Review, the BusinessDay editor for the Dominion Post and the founding editor of I love the business of publishing online, both from an editorial and commercial point of view. I'm currently working as the editor of I begin as founding editor of on November 1.

207 thoughts on “Introducing the first version of

  1. I have just heard about on Media Watch.

    Fantastic Bernard.

    I’ve read your insightful comment over the years and have found it to be outstanding.

    Great also to hear that Selwyn Pellett is bakcing the project

    I hope the people are concerned and interested enough to support this sorely needed initiative

    All the best

    Allan Mountain

  2. I heartily support your proposal.

    I’m happy to switch/commit our current newspaper subscription to an annual subscription to this proposal – small but incremental contribution

  3. Great idea. Let me know if I can help.

    However, just to be annoying, I have to partially disagree with this statement: “None of these companies need to build news organisations to capture those advertising revenues.”

    Google pays for Associated Press news and has funded a scholarship

    It’s something, although I hesitate to say it’s good overall to have a media organisation beholden to the company that effectively controls not only its revenue, but also which audiences it reaches.

    The relationship between the two seems difficult too and the whole thing does does nothing for media outside the US.

    I should also point out that the low barriers of entry to publishing on the web is another factor killing advertising revenue for media. PR and large corporations are subverting blogging and social media as they’ve worked out that it’s more effective to pay trusted figures on said channels who face none of the ethical or official checks that traditional media do, than to pay for ads.

    And why wouldn’t they? That kind of marketing offers control over the “editorial”, targeted audiences that engage, and little or no risk of criticism. Plus, it’s cheap to buy bloggers et al. Sometimes there’s no need to pay even.

    • Juha
      Many thanks.
      You’re right about the risk a weak media and blogosphere will fall prey to the forces of PR.
      We’ll be sure to declare any outside work journalists do.
      I think Google is only paying lipservice to creating content.
      Then there’s the massive tax avoidance.
      I’ve seen estimates that Google is paid over NZ$200 million by New Zealand advertisers and pays no GST and hardly any income tax in return. It spends no money on content here.

  4. I would support such an online venture to around $500pa. I retired from VUW in 1999 and regularly read the Guardian Weekly and Guardian/Stuff/Herald online. We sorely need advertising free investigative journalism in NZ

    • Richard
      That’s great. Appreciate the guidance on the membership amount.
      I welcome others’ thoughts.

      • Bernard

        re membership amount

        I would be inclined to set reasonable not too hefty amount and rely on the fact that alot of people will add considerably more as their situation allows. You would need more feed-back from prospective subscribers to determine this amount.

        I’m thinking somewhere about NZ$100
        (I’m living mean and lean at the moment – if I had more journalistic experience I’d be applying for a job with you)

        To date, I have avoided paying for any online news feeds, but I have subscribed to a couple of the less expensive financial advisory services such as out of Agora Financial and Port Phillip Publishing as much for their excellent financial commentary as for their take on geopolitical situation and how it is impacting our economies.

        Perhaps over time you might also consider similar adjunct financial advisories to supplement income?

        Maybe also consider two types of subscription whereby one gains access to the news feeds you provide, but for a higher fee they can submit articles for editorial review and publication?? (whereas smaller comments to what you publish as in Herald would be free but limited to similar word total as in Herald) – and maybe every week the winning editorial that is selected and published wins a payment (say make that $300 per annum fee with $500 payment forr each week winning subscriber editorial)

        And what about possibly an ideas section for budding entrepreneurs and good start-up business concepts for review by you and team including Selwyn Pellett who is very active in this area – and even extending that into a crowd-funding opportunity for those winning ideas?

        I hope that is helpful

        All the best

        Allan Mountain

        • Now your talking Allan. I have some ideas about growing Hi-Tech businesses “at speed” that I’m working on with a number of companies. Could be interesting? Just to be clear though this is Bernard’s Baby. Like you I’m happy to help both physically (with resources) and financially (via subscription) but for all the reasons you have said already that’s it. Left and Right politics has to be silenced and Right and Wrong encouraged.

          • Hi Selwyn

            I was delighted to hear Chris Laidlaw announce on the National Radio that you were supporting the

            I made another comment to Andrew below after making crowd-funding suggestion for start-up, and for the reason you mention, I though perhaps I had been a bit stupid and had jumped the gun and maybe suggested something not directly core to the project of So I am glad you liked the idea but like you I defer to Bernard’s choice on the matter.

            Either way it will be a while before it could be implemented.

            But it could be something as simple as a link to an adjunct but separate service.

            It seems that there could be good synergy given potential for to grab lots of eyeballs and to identify a great idea from someone who may lack the necessary business acument to drive it forward and which could grow from just the seeding of the idea very fast.

            I have become a bit despondent at current start-up offerings and incubators which seem to have possibly fallen prey to some of the same old vested interests. For someone with a brilliant idea but little business experience it is a no go, because to be eligible, an applicant has to tick a huge number of boxes as to their ‘entrepreneurial’ expertise and their likelihood to be able to drive the venture to profitable fruition.

            I heard your interview some months ago on National Radio and was delighted to learn how you help personally mentor individuals.

            A more effective ‘crowd-source’ selection and funding scheme could be dynamite – and could attract a number of people like yourself willing to support and nurture whoever for whatever project.

            • Allan on the start up scene I am also despondent. But we are working on away of making it happen quicker, cheaper and more entrepreneur friendly. Too much money is spent too early in the process. Our model will address that.

          • I guess you will be needing another labour government to come in though Selwyn, so they can take from the long suffering taxpayer to fund your ventures?

            Why not build a business from scratch without taxpayer assistance Selwyn, like the rest of us do.

            When do you intend to pay back the grants given to you and your non-performing businesses?

            I see in your below comment you’re “despondent”. Of course you are, what with no labour government to steal from the taxpayer to fund your hobbies, I’m not surprised.

            • Matthew

              Hard to figure out where someone like you fits it given you offer nothing but dark criticism coming from some polarized dysfunction.

              Maybe there is some history I know nothing about.
              I don’t know and I don’t care.

              I’m only interested in the project.

              I’m no academic, nor am I a Labour Party supporter nor am I a National party supporter nor am I a supporter of any of the other party – except the occasional Saturday night party with some friends.

              Political parties and the polarities they generate create more problems than they solve and too often get expressed in the manner you seem too familiar with. Get over it.

              Before this childish outburst of yours, everything I have read from the other contributors has either been in support of, or has been an expressed desire by individuals wanting to create a more open and democratic process for gathering and delivering news of the sort which is important to all of our futures.

              From a purely psychological perspective your personal attack is truly fascinating.

              You sent your emails late at night so perhaps it was due to your having had a bad day and having had too much to drink?

              Otherwise feel free to carry on and expose yourself for the confrontational, conflict-generating character you are – or I dare you to wake up and try to think about a world where people collaborate to some positive outcome and to which you might consider contributing something positive yourself.

              I guess this ‘party politics’ thing is a real big deal to you and when someone who either is, or once might have been, of an opposing political party tries to do something worthwhile you go into attack mode?

              How sad. But how indicative of political party dynamics and the mind-sets they engender.

            • Mathew lets get the facts on the table

              You said: I guess you will be needing another labour government to come in though Selwyn, so they can take from the long suffering taxpayer to fund your ventures? Why not build a business from scratch without taxpayer assistance Selwyn, like the rest of us do.

              Mathew I founded or co-founded six companies all trading today and collectively have generating $400+ Million in export revenues over the last 10 years and 100s of jobs in the process. They where all funded with cash from myself and others founders.

              You Said: When do you intend to pay back the grants given to you and your non-performing businesses?

              Not sure which business is under-performing but I assume you mean Endace Ltd. I stopped running Endace in 2007 as CEO, 2009? as Chairman and 2010 as a director. The large funding you refer to was given under this government in 2011 along with Fisher & Paykel, Tait Electronics, Scope and many others. I am on record as saying this type of funding is WRONG and have advanced that position every chance I get. At this corporate level it should be paid back. I am now a minor shareholder of Endace with no ability to control it’s direction.

              You Said: I see in your below comment you’re “despondent”. Of course you are, what with no labour government to steal from the taxpayer to fund your hobbies, I’m not surprised.

              Goodness me your accusations are out there! No actually my business partners and I will be working together to provide a fast start business capability, leveraging our current skills and infrastructure funded privately by us. As I have said in the previous post it was this Government that has given out the largest ever grants, they are badly targeted and I don’t support the transfer of tax payers money into large companies. There is an argument for supporting grants (not loans) in smaller companies (cost of administration) but not when we are dealing with millions of dollars.

              Sorry Matthew your attacks above are miss placed but happy to discuss my actual views in detail anytime.

  5. Reading that has made me so excited and hopeful for New Zealand’s media future, I’m sick of not being fully informed and people not being held accountable. Mainstream media in New Zealand needs to be woken up and I wish you luck and look forward to a real alternate.

    • Christian
      Cheers. It’s on the start.


      • On the issue of accountability Bernard, think about structuring that into your organisation. Perhaps a conscience place or two on the board from outside the industry.

        I have posted this site on my facebook wall BTW. I have hundreds of friends that are animal activists so if some of your content goes in that direction you will have an guaranteed audience.

  6. Excellent initiative, Bernard. Thanks for starting this conversation.

    There are many academics in NZ who would be interested in contributing to such an effort. We are paid by the public to engage in research, teaching and service (which includes administration within the university and public service activities beyond the bluestone walls). There is also a wealth of research held in the heads of academics (and locked in copyright-protected journals) relating to how our knowledge of changing paradigms (from push to pull to co-create) can be applied to new models of provision (of education as well as news and information, entertainment, and other cultural artifacts and experiences).

    Have you considered applying a Creative Commons License to the work that this project will produce? It is an effective way to enable good work to replicate and travel. We have to think carefully about what happens when the content of news is separated from the form(at) of the experience, which is one important characteristic of digital artifacts. Also, how can initiatives like this be sustainable and transferable? Why not aim to create a model that others can pick up and adapt to their needs and context? And, as I write this, I am wondering how this project could leverage, and contribute to, formal education (and not just in journalism). This is not about low hanging fruit, this is about whole new orchards.

    • Mark,
      You make great points about the creative commons. An excellent idea.
      You’re right about the great opportunity to bring a lot of academic work to public attention and into the debate.
      Sciblogs and the Science Media Centre is doing a great job.
      A good example is the work Michael Field did getting the research about foreign chartered vessels by Auckland Uni out.

    • Brilliant thinking Mark

      A few weeks ago I emailed a well known academic economist at Auckland University regarding some stats published in NZ Herald and attributable to Statistics New Zealand which seemed somewhat unreal and distorted.

      She replied to me last week in accordance with my perspective along with an accompanying expression of frustration and anger at current mainstream reporting.

      It got me thinking as to whether or not there are any ‘courses’ in any of our universities economics faculties dealing with ‘economic reporting in our media’ (I suspect not but may be wrong). If not then this is something that perhaps could look to address for supplementary income, as well providing sorely needed instruction and debate as to the role of media and how it influences public decision-making and how it is manipulated to advantage by highly paid seasoned PR / spin doctors working for the politicians and their think tanks.
      Such a course could be titled, “Reading Between the Lines”

      Such a venture could be coordinated with the university teaching staff, most of whom I suspect are just as dissatisifed and disheartened by the current state of affairs as we all are.

      • Hi Allan and others

        Your idea about a “Reading Between the Lines” course (or column or sidebar) dealing with current news and case studies (both good and bad) is a good one. Perhaps Bernard’s initiative could be linked to such an effort. I can imagine a current affairs news story with a “Between the Lines” link to an investigation of the facts and stats that are relevant to the story. It could be a way to provide statistical knowledge through a discussion of examples drawn from the news of the day. Many people avoid statistics because it can seem dry and technical, but if it can be seen to illuminate our understanding of what is in the news, that could help.

        Many of us in higher education (I’m at Otago) have been following the Ivy League initiatives (largely in the U.S.) to offer MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). These include Coursera (, Udacity (, edX ( and many others ( This is a growing movement, and strategies and business models are being developed on the fly. However, rather than looking for a complete course on a topic, people often just want to understand something that is currently in the news (although this could lead to formal or informal study of some kind eventually). I like the idea of starting with the news of the day, with the particular, and linking to background information that allows people to go deeper — as deep as they want. It could be both a window and a door to further (and continuous) education.

        • Mark
          Great thoughts. Fact-checking is a growing trend in the new media sphere. Lots of scope for this sort of thing.
          I like your thoughts on cooperation with academia. Lots of opportunity.

        • Hi Mark

          A great idea of yours

          I struggle with statistics but have had a sense for ages that a lot of what our government institutions have been presesenting is too often massaged according to political agendas.

          A few years ago I came across John Williams of ( ) and have not only learned a lot from his research and presentation of US Government statistics using the same raw data their government uses but I have been disturbed at the glaring disparity of the results between Shadowstats as compared to the US government results.

          I suspect that most governments have been engaging in similar statistical manipulations.

          This particularly is an area where could lift the game here in NZ and I am sure that there would lots of people and academics particulalry willing to contribute.

          For example, one area of concern to me is the persistent focus of political parties and economists pushing for a carbon trading scheme.

          Please don’t misunderstand me as I am fully in agreement for need to reduce our energy and transport emissions but I have worked in the energy field for several years and have done a lot of reading and research on the matter which indicates that carbon trading mechanism has not been effective in EU and is just another huge cost that is passed on to consumers by the big polluters without much result in emissions reductions (it is primarily a stealth tax). There are far better alternatives to achieve emissions reductions, but the argument is complex in the economics and it would be great to have more debate and presentations of the alternatives in this area which could be facilitated by this platform.

          By the way I think that the future will prove that the only winners from the carbon trading mechanism will be the traders, bankers and middle men who are lined up to clip the ticket big-time without much result except their own profit. I think it may well turn out to be just another huge derivates-type bubble before the game is exposed for what it is after billions have been diverted from the consumer public.

          In another reply to on Sunday I suggested that maybe Bernard and his team could consider crowd funding for business ideas / potential start-ups but in hindsight perhaps that was a bit stupid given how it is more commmercial and not core to the project of impartial journalism BUT maybe the crowd sourcing concept could be engaged for specific research projects to support and underpin the ínvestigative journalism side of it e.g. a student, or group of students or aspiring freelance journalist(s) could submit ideas for needing to investigate certain dynamics such as the stats which are being presented by the promoters of carbon trading or any other type of project. They could submit the outline for any such project to and then the public and subscribers to could vote each month on the most preferred project to investigate and could not only contribute to the funding to undertake it but could also contribute with information and data which they may have access to pertinent to project thus helping reduce costs of investigation.

          Just some ideas to follow on from your own as to how better to engage the public and especially young students in economics and journalism.



  7. This is potentially the closest expression of the Fourth Estate that has ever existed. Ubiquitous social media enable rapid and wide exchange of information and opinion, misinformation and diatribe, making it more urgent than ever that credible commentators seek the key information and provide a neutral lens of clarity.

    Please be transparent and avoid the temptation to hint at crusading zeal or reformation! Keep it clean.

    Looking forward to supporting this initiative, and thank you for your putting it forward.

    Peter Arthur
    Cockle Bay

    • Peter,
      Thanks. Yes, it’s important we remain non-partisan and ‘keep it clean’.
      Transparency is crucial in whatever we do.
      Members can be sure all our revenues, costs and relationships with outside parties will be declared.

      • How do you intend to remain non-partisan when one of the labour party’s biggest cheerleaders, and recipients of said labour party’s cash handouts, is your main backer?

        How on earth can you remain non-partisan when you have all these academics wanting to be the main source of your “news”?

        Sorry Bernard, but just reading the comments here indicates that this will be nothing more than a circle-jerk for big government loving, tax and spend socialists.

        • Mathew I assume the comments are aimed at me.

          1) I am not Backing Bernard. I will be one of hundreds supporting him via modest monthly contributions. I am helping him with getting the platform up and running as are others.

          2) Having academic rigor as part of the debate will be a free bonus. There is a lot of opinion based media around and a few facts would be most helpful I would have thought.

          3) I don’t believe in Big Government, Big Tax’s, or Big Welfare. Neither do I believe in shifting it all that power and control into the hands of Big Corporations to the detriment of society as a whole.

        • To reiterate as above Matthew

          Hard to figure out where someone like you fits it given you offer nothing but dark criticism coming from some polarized dysfunction.

          Maybe there is some history I know nothing about.
          I don’t know and I don’t care.

          I’m only interested in the project.

          I’m no academic, nor am I a Labour Party supporter nor am I a National party supporter nor am I a supporter of any of the other party – except the occasional Saturday night party with some friends.

          Political parties and the polarities they generate create more problems than they solve and too often get expressed in the manner you seem too familiar with. Get over it.

          Before this childish outburst of yours, everything I have read from the other contributors has either been in support of, or has been an expressed desire by individuals wanting to create a more open and democratic process for gathering and delivering news of the sort which is important to all of our futures.

          From a purely psychological perspective your personal attack is truly fascinating.

          You sent your emails late at night so perhaps it was due to your having had a bad day and having had too much to drink?

          Otherwise feel free to carry on and expose yourself for the confrontational, conflict-generating character you are – or I dare you to wake up and try to think about a world where people collaborate to some positive outcome and to which you might consider contributing something positive yourself.

          I guess this ‘party politics’ thing is a real big deal to you and when someone who either is, or once might have been, of an opposing political party tries to do something worthwhile you go into attack mode?

          How sad. But how indicative of political party dynamics and the mind-sets they engender.

        • Matthew

          Many thanks.
          This is a non-partisan organisation.
          I’ve made that clear in my initial comments. It will be made clear in the trust documents and mission statements being formulated in the weeks and months to come.
          I’m grateful for Selwyn’s support, but he isn’t the only backer for this effort, as you’ve seen with the various messages of support on this blog and in many other places.
          Selwyn’s the only one who has put his head above the parapet and I suspect that’s for the very reason they don’t like being accused of what you’ve accused this site of being.
          I have no interest in turning this operation into a tribal affair lobbing grenades over the wall onto the ‘other’ side.
          I want to find out new stuff, to challenge and debate all points of view. I want it to engage with everyone in a respectful and constructive way.
          I don’t want it to quickly descend into the usual flamethrowing, dogwhistling echo chambers that many blogs become.
          That means we’ll set a clear set of guidelines for comments and for the journalism. Having done this for the last five years at, I have a reasonable feel now for what sort of guidelines work and what to do when people step out of or jump over the line.
          I’ll suggest something like this:
          “Reports, commentaries and comments cannot be defamatory, abusive or repetitive. Trolls and spammers will not be tolerated. There will be a three strikes and you are out policy. First example triggers a warning. Second example triggers a final warning. Third example and you’re out of here.”
          Partisan bomb-throwing is just boring and destructive. Eventually it destroys the ‘soil’ on which good journalism and debate thrive.
          By the way. Your abusive comment about circles would count as an abusive phrase under these guidelines. Two more and you’re out.

  8. I hope this is as challenging, honest and influential as Good luck!

    • Cheers.
      I’m still working for until November 1 and I plan to keep contributing 90@9 and Top 10 after then as a freelancer.

  9. Good luck with that! A timely move to fill the vacuous gap created over recent times by the so called ‘traditional media’

  10. Hi Bernard, ref Media watch on Sunday. What is envolved in becoming a member.

    • Martin
      Many thanks. We’re building a web publishing platform with the ability for members of the public to sign up and pay for memberships with different levels of benefits, including ad-free viewing, invitations to events, participation in editorial board meetings.
      I’m still working full time at, but will have more time after November 1.
      Meanwhile, we’re building our structure and platform. We aim to launch by the end of the year.
      I welcome your thoughts on membership levels, benefits and costs.
      Sign up for our email updates (see top right).


      • Hi Bernard

        I’m very interested in the alternative business models that we are seeing online. One difficulty with the newspaper industry is the expectation by readers that content should be free. So how do we pay for the newspapers (and news, and journalists)? With digitization, I think we are seeing a separation of content from the form(at) of the reading experience. People may not pay for content directly, but they will pay for experiences that have value for them as individuals. For example, there are many examples of books that have been published online in various digital formats (for free) as well as in printed form (for a fee). The free digital version helps to promote the printed version, which, we understand, cannot be free. The experience of reading a well designed book (which has been designed for the codex form) is valued over the experience of reading a long form text in a scrolling window. Chris Anderson (WIRED magazine) discussed this in his books (esp. “The Long Tail” and “Free”). Another strategy is to partner with related services or businesses and work out an arrangement to share the proceeds (which is, essentially, Google’s advertising model). For example, a free news story could link to a “Between the Lines” backgrounder (see Allan Mountain’s comment above) provided by an academic (or his/her institution). If the reader of the story clicks through and eventually takes a paid course from the provider, the provider could pay a finders (or linking/referral) fee to the originator of the information that resulted in an enrollment. Sometimes, giving our stuff away is the best way of achieving a good return.

  11. Hi Bernard,

    Well done on the launch of this initiative. It is an idea the time for which has come.

    Alastair Thompson – Editor

  12. Congratulations on this first step towards providing New Zealand with the journalism it needs and deserves if it is to sustain a healthy democracy.

    I presume you will have already come across Exaro News in the UK, but if not, they would be worth investigating (excuse the pun).

  13. Im a reporter for a daily Fairfax paper in NZ. My job is to get the best story I can on whatever is concerning the people in the region. No thought is given to advertisers or political standings. It annoys me when people belittle NZ journos because it seems to be due to unfounded paranoia. The more news the better, but most of us are already working hard to do a good job. Looking forward to seeing the new site. Cheers, John.

    • I wonder why then so many people are so dissatified with current mainstream offerings?

      Perhaps also you might point out where any Fairfax feed tried to highlight the obvious looming global financial crises before it happened – in spite of the fact that were more than a few independent analysts sounding the alarm and pointing out the obvious reasons for it, well before it broke in 2007/08 (happy to provide the detail of those anaylsts if you like)

      Maybe mainstream journalists do actually believe everything they publish which is quite believable given how all of our ‘thinking’, especially on things economic, are crafted and constrained, beginning in schools and many universities which are more and more being obliged to comply with theories supportive of the incumbent powers and the increaslingly encroaching control of the corporate and government funding and interference.

      It is also worth understanding how we are all contrained by our backgrounds and our individual experiences. It is then easy to understand how easy it is to accept certain models / interpretations of reality, regardless of their veracity.. it’s why most kids from rich families are prone to consider everyone one on a benefit is a parasite and how most kids from poor families will be prone to believe that all the financial woes of the world are directly attributable to the short-sighted greed of the rich (neither being entirely the true picture)

      We are all, to a greater or lesser degree, deluded to some extent and absolutely certain of our own perceptions being ‘right’.

      20 people witness an accident and the poliice get 20 different versions of what happened.

      Not to acknowledge the preponderant and negative influence of rich owners of media who dictate journalistic policy in the maintream channels is naive (recent revelations of the Murdoch empire being the classic example of this dynamic)

      And right now most mainstream journalism, although conceding we are in a crisis, are still on the side of proclaiming that the ‘expert authorities’ will resolve it before it gets really ugly.
      Blind faith indeed – not true journalism (or as economist Satyajit Das stated in an interview with Kathryn Ryan on National Radio Nine to Noon show on Thursday 2 August “They are paid not to understand” – refering primarily to mainstream economists who work for government and the big institutions).

      The real statistics (as opposed to those statistics spoonfed to the mainstream media by government and banking institutions and dutifully reported without question) tell another story altogether (you might refer to and if you have not yet viewed the offerings on this website then please read the bone fides of its founder US economist John Williams and the telling story of how he came to discover the fraudulent statistics being reported by US government (our government included) and reported as gospel by the mainstream media including Fairfax – John Williams story is on the right hand-side of the home page.

      I have no doubt you are convinced in your beliefs but I would encourage you to consider that just maybe we have all been the victims of an extremely complex fraud and which fraud is still in progress, but will never be highlighted or exposed by Fairfax or any other mainstream media channel because their revenue streams are predicated on the basis of supporting the current well-crafted delusion.

      This is why I and many others are turning to alternative independent online commentaries and applaud the initiative.

      Having stated that, slowly there is change happening as evidenced by some of the great comment by Bernard Hickey, Brain Fallow and others in the NZ Herald and increasingly in some Fairfax channels. I guess it has got the point that, like Ambrose Evans-Pritchard there comes a point when the glraing reality can no longer be denied or excused.

      in conclusion I refer to well-known reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard who wrote the following article which was published in UK Telegraph on 27 September 2010

      Shut Down the Fed (Part II)


      Evans-Pritchard began with an apology as follows:-

      I apologise to readers around the world for having defended the emergency stimulus policies of the US Federal Reserve, and for arguing like an imbecile naif that the Fed would not succumb to drug addiction, political abuse, and mad intoxicated debauchery, once it began taking its first shots of quantitative easing.
      My pathetic assumption was that Ben Bernanke would deploy further QE only to stave off DEFLATION, not to create INFLATION. If the Federal Open Market Committee cannot see the difference, God help America

      Slowly – ever so slowly, people are waking up – and hopefully, maybe people like Bernard Hickey and Evans-Pritchard will be instrumental in dragging the mainstream media into the factual light.

      In conclusion – I look back on my early years in shock and horror at the state of my stupfied mind back in my early years. It took some dramatic events to shock me into a long journey of questioning all the rubbish that I had inculcated and had predicated my perpsectives on – and yes possibly you might add I still have a long way to go, but in understanding that fact I hope that one day I might reach a modicum of enlightenment along with many other people who are coming to realize that what we have been spoon-fed for too long now, is little more than delusional fraudulent rubbish.

    • Hi John

      I’ve been thinking more about your comment overnight and have some sympathy for your position.

      I think I failed to mention one very important aspect of what you stated as being an unwarranted and inordinate level of criticism of NZ journos.

      I am not sure which Fairfax feed you work for – perhaps one of the regional ones and in that capacity you may well focus more on the local issues and less on the nation-wide economics, so in that respect I think there needs to be some delineation in what you see as the blame game.

      My issue is mainly with the economics and the political reporting (and by the way it is not just with respect to NZ journalists but it is a global problem especially in those so-called rich developed nations which have been holding themselves out to be bastions of freedom of speech)

      Having stated that, I can see how easy it is for a well-intentioned young person to come out of university or a tech course with diploma in journalism and he or she gets a job with a newspaper or TV channel and in that capacity they simply get inducted into “this is how we do business and this is how you do your job” and therein lies the rub. It is easy to understand how things have fallen through the cracks and the incumbent powers have with great craft and stealth been able to maintain hegemony over all editor-approved items which get published or aired.

      Also and most importantly, not to be overlooked in this dynamic is how I myself along with the rest of the general population have been dead asleep at the wheel, coming home from work, eating dinner and collapsing on the couch with a beer and just unquestioningly accepting the stories we have been and are still being dished up (it is sometimes hard to differentiate the blur between reality TV and real journalism these days).

      If blame is to lie anywhere then it has to be laid at the feet of us all who have been abjectly negligent in keeping our eyes on the ball and keeping ourselves informed, diligently developing our critical thinking capacities to question, analyse and cross-reference everything that the media is presenting to us – without any of the blind subservience to one political party or another which is where the dreadfully destructive and mindless oppositional dogmas and propaganda are most actively cultivated and which evinces and evokes the same level of critical intelligence as that which we see displayed by the supporters of some rugby and football clubs.

      You might like to read this revealing history of US media (I think it sums up what we are having to deal with given the massive influence of these forces not only is US but here in NZ and elsewhere)

      What Most Don’t Know About Media In The United States
      The Takeover And Control of News And Information in America


    • I’m also a reporter with Fairfax, and I agree we do a great job of reporting what we do with the resources we have. We work hard, we are individually self-sacrificing, under-appreciated and full of integrity.

      However, there are two major misgivings I have with what we do.

      The first is that the important is sacrificed in news value for the interesting. The second is there is much of our economic system that is beyond discussion.

      Most of the media’s cash currently comes from advertising and so the function of news is to maximise the audience. That means us journos write the interesting, rather than the important.

      Our society would be better served if its top media had on front pages the most important topics of the day – even if fewer people were reading them. The problem is our national discussion is currently hogged by sport, entertainment, Lotto winners, Naked Harry, gossip and voyeurism. Horrific road accidents and heinous violence also consistently clog the front page, even though these last two are perennial and fewer in frequency as the years go by.

      I’m also aware that stories which call for change that threatens our employer’s advertising business model are not supported. And although we can write negative stories about advertisers here or there, Fairfax will always be on the side of the general business community. Our editorial chieftains were chosen because deep down they understand this or they fall into line.

      As a society we won’t make progress on a vast number of topics if we are continually spoon-fed drama by media organisations who won’t examine our current brand of capitalism.

      I’ll jump ship to an independent news organisation like the one being proposed here as soon as I can. But like most of us, in the meantime I have to feed my family.

      • Fred
        Very interesting insight. I too used to work at Fairfax. It has many hard working, honourable journalists, printers and marketers.
        I was never told not to write an article or had an article rejected because it clashed with advertisers’ interests. But that was a while ago and back then I wasn’t writing many such articles.
        That may be changing across the media though, both the willingness to keep advertisers happy and the need to write articles that challenge the interests of advertisers.

  14. Good for you Bernard – tho would journalists be on their own for legal threats/demands?

  15. Bernard – this is so cool. I wish you everything of the best with this initiative. You might not be interested in receiving my press releases but I look forward to working with you, your reporters and your contributors to help and assist in the development of your stories – as so many decent, hard-working and straight-forward PR people do, day in and day out.

    I dealt with 15 media enquiries last week alone – obviously a slow week – providing data the journalists were after; helping reporters achieve accuracy by explaining the background and complexities behind developments impacting three different industries; putting callers in touch with interesting people to speak with (none of them TextWrite clients); and facilitating swift, pithy and usable material in response to searching questions about our clients.

    There are some charlatans in PR. As there are in journalism. And much of what passes for PR – particularly the saccharine puff behind the ‘infotainment’ that is so frequently dished up as ‘news’ – is actually just publicity. And should be called that.

    But I hope there’s room in your new model for the boys and girl in PR whose sometimes complicated job it is to get organisations to act properly and do the right thing, and to encourage organisational transparency by opening up channels of communication with the people interested in them.

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  17. Good stuff Bernard. Will be watching with interest (no pun intended), and hope to contribute one day.

  18. Sounds great Bernard…

    I just wanted to reiterate the comments of my academic colleagues above. One of our roles is to act as critic and conscience of society, which is difficult to do when the mainstream media are typically on the look-out for consumables, not intellectables!! This is particularly evident in my area of interest – the weight-loss industry.

    Hopefully I (and my social science colleagues) can look forward to working with journalists funded through this initiative to bring social research ethically to the public as the Science Media Centre has done for some of NZs great emerging physical scientists.

    I certainly will support this and will spread the word throughout my community.


    • Hi Andrew

      It is so good to read all these inspiring comments for you and others.

      but on subject of weight loss specifically being your area of expertise – I get a daily email from a US physician who researches the latest research across a range of issues.

      I got this last week – which is a completely out of left-field body of research about dietary effects on weight condition by Dr. Richard Johnson, chief of the Division of Renal Diseases and Hypertension at the University of Colorado

      You’re the expert – so I’ll pass the link and leave it up to you to decide (it’s really fascinating)

      How Fructose Turns ON Your Fat Switch
      August 18 2012 |


      • Hi Allan… interesting article. Certainly not the first I have read re: fructose vs glucose and other sugars. Fair to say that this is an emerging area of research so the scientific community are not exactly in agreement yet!

        That said I do not like the politics of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), particularly the subsidies provided to corn farmers in the U.S. and the subsequent overproduction of this as an additive. I can’t see why New Zealander’s need to eat added fructose in anything but unfortunately it is in so many of our products. Just today I found it in hot chocolate powder, ice-cream, energy gels and canned soup.

        In terms of the science they seem to have found significant effects in animal studies, but much less conclusive in human studies to date…

  19. And there’s scope to collaborate with the newly-formed Coalition for Better Broadcasting, which has risen from the ashes of TVNZ7; and David Beatson’s forthcoming Public Media Project.

  20. Bernard
    All the best for this.
    It’s a bold step in a small country that is still remarkably well served by a diverse range of publications but where media outlets and maybe reporters have lost their mojo. Such interesting questions to ask and issues to track in NZ from the closeness of politics and business interests, race, childhood, health and growth.
    How to do it by embracing and stimulating the major and minor media outlets in New Zealand is going to be interesting.

    • Cheers Peter.
      You’re right. We’re pretty well served, but that may change.
      Cutbacks and tabloidisation only just beginning here. We’re a bit behind the curve already travelled in the United States and UK.
      I welcome your thoughts on the various such crowd-funded journalism initiatives in the US


  21. Great idea if it supports investigative journalists to do their work, rather than say be a vehicle for more general opinion and analysis, which has several good outlets already.
    For building financial members, perhaps compare yourself to membership based NGOs like Forest and Bird:
    They have a basic membership of $60 pa, but encourage people to give a few hundred, and that sounds about right. Make it an easy decision for lots of people to join you, at say 50-80 for basic membership but through in goodies and conscience pleas to those who can afford more.
    I’m in my 30s, comfortable, have a strong interest in good media in NZ and reckon I might chip in 50-100 to support a good democratic cause such as this. Gee, and there must be a few grants available? Maybe?

    • Wayne
      Cheers. Good thinking on the numbers.
      We’re thinking several tiers of memberships with differing levels of benefits.

  22. Fantastic job! This is just what we need in New Zealand.

  23. Interesting business model. I hope it works.

    We don’t have much history of this kind of philanthropy in New Zealand, but it’s about time someone gave the tree a shake to see what’s out there.

  24. Bernard

    An old saying but worthwhile “you only get one chance at looking good”. Dont waste it. started off with great fanfare, great expectation, great backing, enormous funding, but never got legs. I would not consider it a success. Investigate. Check it out. Find out what went wrong.

    Less is better.

    • iconoclast
      I welcome your thoughts/links on why it didn’t work.
      We’re keen not to reinvent the wheel.

      • Simple really. Their fatal mistake was they didn’t deliver on the promise and hype. Recommend you keep a copy of your launch video above for posterity. Review it once a week forever. Never deviate from your promise.

        Your promotional video reminds me of the promotional phase of They had a wealthy backer who funded the operation with an initial bankroll of $10 million. Then head-hunted Monica Attard away from the ABC. She was good. Many years experience in investigative hard-hitting journalism. They parted ways just before the launch. One can only guess their was an editorial difference of opinion. They have only ever delivered candy-floss. Dont follow it now.

  25. Bernard

    A very interesting and important experiment – and I wish you all success.

    As Clay Shirky said:

    “That is what real revolutions are like. The old stuff gets broken faster than the new stuff is put in its place. The importance of any given experiment isn’t apparent at the moment it appears; big changes stall, small changes spread. Even the revolutionaries can’t predict what will happen.”

    Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable

    Go all out…


  26. Bernard
    Great to see a new initiative in this area. The existing publishing model is broken and that is clear by the number of good journos who have exited the profession either by choice or being forced out. Good luck with the new venture!!!
    Bob Pinchin

  27. Yes – I’m a starter – dont subscribe to any news feed but read a few – would subscribe to this venture – $100 seems fair. Go to it!

  28. great initiative/idea…

    ..i hope it all goes well..

    ..and i look forward to linking to ya..

    phillip ure

  29. Bernard – Good luck on the project .

    I note above you have Selwyn Pellet on board which is great.

    Re you planning on getting support across the political spectrum? Alot of media is either left or right leaning (ie. most vs NBR) so it would be good to have balance. Blogs are even more extreme. It would be good if issues are debated across the spectrum. I note NBR had a John Banks vs Russell Norman opinion piece over the weekend on foreign investment.

    Would be happy to support via small monthly subscription.

    What is the format going to be – Blog like it is currently or are you going to move more to a newssite design?

  30. Congratulations on this initiative, Bernard.
    An idea whose time has come.
    Pat McCarthy

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  32. Best of luck with this project, Bernard. I fully expect it will do very well.

  33. Is there an unwaged option with that? Some citizens subsist on $10k a year or less. Maybe information would be wasted on them on account of the malnutrition.

    • Gnomic you make a good point.

      It is a hard one but an issue that needs to be carefully considered and addressed.

      It would be great to think that a lot of people who can afford to contribute would do so and that the main offerings would be freely accessible to those in difficult financial situations so they can not only be kept informed but also contribute to discussions and offer perspectives along the way.

      No doubt there will be some intense thinking as to the model that will best serve the interests of the cause and support the full-time contributors in their work.

  34. Bernard, best of luck, a great project to address a real need in the modern world.
    Count me in as a paying punter at $60 to $100/yr
    The community aspect of this will be interesting, both in terms of the journalistic aspect of tips and articles and the business ideas that may spring forward out of the process/discussion.
    Well done on taking the leap.

  35. Great initiative. I’m itching to get out the credit card :) $100 seems a good starting point.
    FWIW I’ve recently had a free month of CRIKEY. If I were living in Australia, I’d subscribe in a moment. But living in and committed to NZ I’d far rather subscribe to something here.

  36. My partner and I hunger for a NZ journalistic outlet with integrity equivalent to Al Jazeera or BBC – a skeptical assessment of government and company pronouncements, a fact-checker of all things spin.

    Right now we can budget $50 a year to support what we believe in.,

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  38. This seems like an excellent idea, with the challenge being the implementation of it. To set a standard that asks the “awkward questions” and goes past the convenient explanations to find a deeper truth about the news – that would be truly something. The risk here is that of becoming aligned to a point of view – as so many do, and being blind to challenging ones own prejudices or ideology. Ot toeing the line to retain access to “sources” etc. I wish you luck, and will consider offering support. Would like to see the policies (at least in draft) before committing much further.

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  43. Count me in for 100 dollars annually Bernard. The monthly credit card payment option is an excellent idea. This kind of site is sorely needed. Tell me, when did you envisage this site’s beginning ‘proper’?


  44. Addendum: I see you are intending to launch at the end of 2012. My mistake.

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