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Here’s the MediaWatch segment on


Jeremy Rose from Radio NZ’s excellent MediaWatch programme spoke to me last week about

The segment broadcast on Sunday August 19 starts at the 22 minute mark.

Here’s the audio.

One point of clarification. Jeremy mentions at the end of the segment that I’m the founder of, which isn’t strictly true. I joined David Chaston, the founder and owner of, in January 2008 as its managing editor. I’ve been an employee since then. started as an interest rate comparison site around 1999, but began publishing news and commentary and hosting debate after I joined in 2008. That’s when it became more publicly known, but it had been around before that.

I leave as an employee on November 1, but will continue to contribute to as a freelancer while we build up

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Author: Bernard Hickey

I'm Bernard Hickey. I'm a financial journalist who has worked for wire services, for newspapers and for online publishers. Until January 2008 I was the Head of Digital at Fairfax Media in New Zealand. I have previously been the Managing Editor of the Independent Financial Review, the BusinessDay editor for the Dominion Post and the founding editor of I love the business of publishing online, both from an editorial and commercial point of view. I'm currently working as the editor of I begin as founding editor of on November 1.

6 thoughts on “Here’s the MediaWatch segment on

  1. Hi Bernard – I’d be interested in joining your editorial board
    Dr. Ken Pratt
    Lecturer in Journalism, UWS (University of the West of Scotland) Glasgow, SCOTLAND, UK.

  2. Hi Bernard, love this concept. Please can you ask Ian Wishart to contribute an article or two? Kind regards

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