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Thinking aloud – What the membership tiers could look like and offer

Again, further to my earlier post about thinking aloud and suggesting structures and ideas.

Here’s our initial thinking on membership tiers and offerings. Your thoughts? Comments below or emails to me at

Again, please don’t jump too hard and often on these. They’re suggestions and aren’t written in stone. We don’t have all the answers and we’ll be guided by our members.

We’re suggesting three tiers of membership, all with yearly and monthly payment options by credit card. We want to know your thoughts on the benefits of each and how much you would be happy to pay for this sort of service to society.

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Introducing the first version of

By Bernard Hickey is a not-for-profit trust dedicated to supporting and building public interest news, analysis, comment and debate.

We aim to gather a group of supporters able to fund, build and flesh out a community of journalists and the platform they need to report, analyse and publish the news that matters. That means investigative, probing, enterprising and explanatory journalism, rather than celebrity-driven churnalism and PR.

New Zealand needs a strong and vibrant fourth estate that challenges, probes, questions and holds to account those people, institutions and forces that affect the lives of all New Zealanders.

A new and in many ways exciting era for the fourth estate has just begun. Join us.

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